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The Croft Magazine

All print issues of The Croft in PDF format, which I oversaw, edited and planned as Co-Editor In Chief from 2022 to 2023. All front covers were also photographed by me. 

Luxiders Magazine 

New Milk Alternatives | What Is Potato Milk? | Luxiders Magazine

The potato milk craze is being lead by one brand, DUG. DUG is a Swedish brand with its roots in science and research by Professor Eva Tornberg at Lund university. The brand believes in the sustainable power of potatoes, and seeks to develop new ways to utilise them. Their plant-based drinks are currently sold in stores in Sweden, Ireland and the UK.

Anna, Marketing Manager from Veg Lund, the owner of DUG, explained what separated their potato milk from other alternatives: "Potatoes don't need m

Jakob Kudsk Steensen | Song, Land and Virtual Instillation

who is Jakob Kudsk Steensen and what is your vision?

Yeah, my name is Jakob Kudsk Steensen, I’m an artist. I'm from Denmark, but for the past ten years I worked in New York, and I recently moved to Berlin. In my practice, I work a lot with video game technologies, I think a lot about how to use them beyond the usual vernacular or video games. Which is very aim and level based and kind of follows like a more rational experience and design, where you have to touch or interact with things very one

Paris Guide | Best Sustainable Hotspots | Eco-Conscious Tourism

The City of Paris is mobilizing its innovation ecosystem to find new responses to climate issues. Numerous programmers are being launched each month in Paris to speed up the development of innovative solutions that can contribute to the energy and ecological transition.

The Paris Climate Plan is an opportunity to examine possible future innovations. Prepare for them and to ensure that they will help to attain the City’s climate-related goals. The city aims to be carbon neutral, or close to it,

Givn | Putting The Style Into Upcycled Fashion | Luxiders Magazine

Givn began in Berlin, created by founders André and Moritz. Givn was born after a rebrand in 2020 with the motto "Fashion for a difference”. With the birth of the new brand, the Givn team also celebrated a new focus: to make slow fashion the new standard.

Givn appreciates authenticity, within themselves but also with their customers. They want to work towards change within the fashion industry. Their commitment to transparency comes from respect for the planet and those who make their garments.

Sustainable Activewear Wishlist | Luxiders Magazine

Why to buy: Attāin Studios focuses on sustainable, ethical athleisure for all. The team behind the brand honours customer transparency throughout their supply chain. Their garments are mostly produced in small woman-owned textile factories in Portugal that are GOTS certified and have a low CO2 emission. Every item has its own sustainability report on the website, demonstrating a clear obligation to its customers. Attāin studios commitment to their ethos and their eco-practices are felt through t

Maya Golyshkina | Identity, Body Confidence, And Self Expression

Fair enough! What is your design process usually like? Or is it constantly changing?

Usually, I draw something on my phone or piece of paper, whatever comes to hand. I also outline what materials I need for and the project in my head. This is how I start with my ideas.

Obviously, every process is different, but yours sounds intricate and interesting. When it comes to designing your work what is your favourite part? What is your favourite thing about the process of design itself?

I think the m

Beatrice Oettinger | Nature, The Body, And Endless Wandering

Yeah, I completely get what you mean. It sounds beautiful. I mean, I grew up in a city, so it's hard for me to kind of imagine that. But I've been in nature and it's just magical. It doesn't compare to anything else in the whole world. I completely agree. If you had one word to describe your designs, what would it be? And why?

Ah, I think the word joy? Yes, the word is joy. I think. I have no other word for that. It's joy. What is joy? Joy is something that you lose your frontier, that you get

The Leather Challenge | Where To Find The Most Sustainable Alternative

Tamarind leather is made from Leucaena, a tree native to northern Central America and southern Mexico. The Tamarind pods are usually crushed to make tamarind paste. But now, they could be our newest leather alternative.

Leukeather is a vegan alternative to exotic leather, developed by UAE-based Egyptian architect Nuhayr Zein. The material is made from the dried pods of Leucaena, also known as river tamarind.

It is clear to see why the leather is popular: It is fast-growing and requires little

Has Sustainability Become A Gimmick? | Luxiders Magazine

Sustainability has become an inaccessible lifestyle for many. The expectations of how to perform sustainability correctly: the diet, where you shop, what energy you use. It is an expensive expectation. Many sustainable clothing brands can be much more expensive than their fast fashion competitors. This is because fast fashion cuts costs by not paying their workers an adequate wage. Yet, we cannot ignore that many families may not be able to afford the more sustainable option.

The sustainable fu

Augmented Reality Fashion | AR Fashion Try On Is The Future | Luxiders

REPUBLIQE is the metaverse-ready digital fashion house. They believe that every fashion brand with a real-world presence needs to have a virtual one too. As well to designing their own virtual clothing, REPUBLIQE assists big names in the fashion industry, turning their physical clothes into digital versions. REPUBLIQE is also working on creating, designing and eventually, selling digital fashion NFTs.

Founder James Gaubert sees digital fashion as a more sustainable option: “Digital fashion is a

KEYI Magazine

SISTERHOOD Fashion Editorial shot by Ana Coello

Is a social, ethical and emotional pact build between women. Female empowerment is only possible if we create strong alliances between us, treating us as sisters and not as enemies.

This editorial is a tribute to friendship and complicity among women, both between models and between the team.

“We’re connected, as women. It’s like a spiderweb. If one part of that web vibrates, if there’s trouble, we all know it, but most of the time we’re just too scared, or selfish, or insecure to help. But if

YINGLIN HE Interview by Emily Fromant.

Yinglin He and her eponymous brand capture a curious spirit, with a constant desire to change and evolve. We sat down with Yinglin He to discover more about what drives her unique designs.

What have you and your brand been up to recently, any new projects in the work?

I’m just trying to work on the APOC orders which is what I’ve been selling on. Actually, I’ve also been working on the Amiri prize, so I’ve been focusing on submitting that with my brand as well.

I can imagine that has been a lo

Susan Fang X UGG Collaboration Works To Unlock Our Playful Side

The ‘SUSAN FANG x UGG’ collaboration floated onto the runway at SUSAN FANG’s AW23 Shanghai show. The dreamy collection consists of two shoe designs, both created with Fang’s customary airy quality. In the collection, Fang’s platform shoes are vibrant and whimsical, a perfect accessory for the AW23 runway show. Feminine colours evoke a fresh, bold look, which strive away from her more delicate shoe designs. However, the romantic quality of her work is still found in the delicate flowers on each s

Lovers Journal Magazine

To shave or not to shave: why the only answer is your own

“To shave or not to shave?”: the question has been asked again and again in recent years. The conversation around body hair goes back centuries. It has been a taboo throughout time; influencing gender dynamics, symbolizing class, and defining notions of femininity and attractiveness. However, in its most recent evolution, body hair is being embraced by a growing number of young women who are turning a source of societal shame into a sign of personal strength.

Women’s museum of California report

Psychology of underwear: what does your lingerie say about you?

Have you ever heard of psychology of underwear? Clothing is often viewed as an extension of oneself, an outward display, or sometimes private expression of our identity. Whether we love thongs, or cotton satin underwear, we all have certain lingerie we gravitate towards, and this in turn sends a message to those we interact with.We choose clothes to protect us from the elements, to make our activities safer, or to make a statement about who we are. While social identity is directed towards an ex

Intimate eczema: how Chitè lingerie cares for and loves your body

Intimate eczema, let’s deal with it. At Chitè Milano, we strive for our customers to feel confident in their bodies. Our lingerie is designed with you in mind, with our wishes for you to look in the mirror and feel amazing. As 2020 has rolled around, gone are the days of airbrushing out perfections with women celebrating their stretchmarks and loving their skin for what it was, there are still many who may feel insecure.

It is a widely spread misconception that retouching as an art was born wit

Which feminist quote matches your favourite Lover knickers?

Our Lover knickers are carefully embroidered with empowering and positive messages to add luxury to your every day. Looking into each Lover knicker, which feminist quote embodies each intricate pair?

More Kiss More Kill: a feminist quote celebrating the power of women’s beauty

“It’s not my responsibility to be beautiful. I’m not alive for that purpose. My existence is not about how desirable you find me“. – Warsan Shire

Shire expresses the purpose of women to not be an object, and this is som

How has the thong been re-centred inside the female gaze?

How has Chité re-centred the thong into the female gaze? For far too long, lingerie was designed and marketed through the male gaze. Styles for women seem stuck in the past and made with the male gaze in mind – think lacy, racy thongs or exaggerated push up bras. Women’s boxers are common but designs often lean towards resembling more traditionally ‘masculine’ underwear – there remains a tension between comfort and femininity. At Chité Milano, we’re refocusing female lingerie through the female